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Water Bath Thermostatic Shaking Model SM-1ZA


Scope of application:

It’s application to the college, laboratory and mine industry incubate for bacilli, cell and so on.

  • Technical data
Model SM-1ZA SM-2ZB
Mains voltage 220V, 50HZ
Power consumption ≤1000W ≤1200W
Temperature control range Ambient Temp +5—65℃ Ambient Temp +5—99℃
Temperature fluctuation ±0.3℃
Following-up alarm +3℃
Shaking frequency 0~200 time/min
Shaking movement range level 30mm
Dimensions of the working    chamber(mm) 440×300×240(mm)

Outline of structure:

  • The crust of shaking water bath uses the plate. And the inner use stainless steel. The base of the shaking has double pinchcock, which can be adjust for high and density. It’s easy to use by different type of tube and flask. And the base of the water bath put the “model U” electrothermal duct. Between the interlayer use the special datum to heat insulation. Right side of the water bath has temperature and shaking control. The microprocessor intelligent temperature controller is equipped with self-adjust PID method. Compared to normal PID controlling method, self-adjust PID method is of higher accuracy and rapid controlling, the setting value of the temperature and the actual temperature are all digitally displayed. The controller can be easily to operate though a soft-touch pad. One of the standard functions is the alarm that is switched on when temperature exceeds the upper temperature limit.

Electronically stepless timing is easy to use. And the engine is low noisy.


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