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Spectrophotometer SURGISPEC SM-23D



SM-23D spectrophotometer is designed for the purpose of education and general analysis in low cost. The main feature are  as follows:

* The instrument has variable wavelength and four scales:transmittance absorbency concentration and factor.

* Using universal test tubes or curette to make measure directly.

* The instrument is micro computerized and easy in operation.

* The 12nm spectral slit width provides the sensitivity required for almost applications.

* One solid-state silicon detector covers entire wavelength range, eliminating the need to change detectors between different analysis.

* It is easy to replace the unit of instrument specially the Unit of  the Pre-adjusted light, and make it convenient to  maintain.

* Free adjusting for filter exchange.

* The grating and toroidal mirrors are selected in optical system.


  Wavelength Range:  340~950nm
  Wavelength Accuracy:  Better than ±2.5nm
  Wavelength Repeatability:  Better than 1nm
  Spectral Slit width:  12nm
  Photometry Readout:  4 digital LED display for transmittance(T),
  absorbency(A), Factor and Concentration(C)
  Photometry Range:  0.0~199.9%(T)  -0.3~2.999 A

1~9999 F  0~9999 C

  Photometry Accuracy:  ±2%T(tube), ±0.5%T(cuvette)
  Photometry Noise:  ≤0.5%T
  Voltage Requirements:  220V±10% or 110V±10%
   as required
  Size:  370×320×195 mm
  Weight:  6.5 kg   ( 9.0 kg with packet )



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