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MicroPette Plus Autoclavable Pipette Model:SM-8C-300 | Ricado Sunnies Nigeria Limited
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MicroPette Plus Autoclavable Pipette Model:SM-8C-300

Fully autoclavable

 The pipette can be fully autoclaved, withstanding steam sterilizing at 121℃,1 atm for 20 minutes. Both of single and multi channel pipettes can be autoclaved without special preparation. After autoclaving the pipette must be cooled down and left to dry over 12 hours. It is recommended to check the performance of the pipette after each autoclaving. It is also recommended to grease the piston and seal of the pipette after 10 autoclavings.


Adjustable volume pipettes


Volume Range Increment Tips
0.1 -2.5µl 0.05µl 10µl
0.5-10µl 0.1µl 10µl
2-20μl 0.5 μl 200, 300μl
5-50μl 0.5μl 200, 300, 350μl
10-100μl 1μl 200, 300, 350μl
20-200μl 1μl 200, 300, 350μl
50-200μl 1μl 200, 300, 350μl
100-1000μl 1μl 1000μl
200-1000μl 5μl 1000μl
1000-5000μl 50μl 5m l
2-10ml 0.1ml 10ml




Volume Range Increment Tips
8-ch 0.5-10μl 0.1μl 10μl
8-ch 5-50μl 0.5μl 200, 300, 350μl
8-ch 50-300μl 5μl 350μl
12-ch 0.5-10μl 0.1μl 10μl
12-ch 5-50μl 0.5μl 200, 300, 350μl
12-ch 50-300μl 5μl 350μl


1.2. Fixed volume pipettes


Volume Tips
5μl 10μl
10μl 10μl
20μl 200, 300,350μl
25μl 200, 300,350μl
50μl 200, 300,350μl
100μl 200, 300,350μl


Volume Tips
200μl 200, 300,350μl
250μl 1000μl
500μl 1000μl
1000μl 1000μl
2000μl 5000μl
5000μl 5000μl





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