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Laboratory Oven Model SM9076A


Outline of use:

It is applicable to such test as drying, cure, melt, sterilize in industrial and mining enterprises as well as in laboratory and scientific research institute.

III. Technical Parameters:

Model SM9036A SM9076A SM9146A SM9246A
Mains voltage 220V,50HZ
Temperature range Ambient temperature +10—300℃
Temperature fluctuation ±1℃
Heater power 950W 1400W 2000W 2600W
Dimensions of the working chamber (mm) 300x300x350 400x400x450 450x550x550 500x600x750
  1. Outline of Structure:
  • The oven case is made of steel sheet rigid welded. The working chamber is made of stainless steel. The heat insulation material adopts fibre glass which is in the case jacket. The case door is made of double glass. The entire unit consists of three parts-hot air circulation system, electric heater and temperature controller system.
  • Hot air-circulation system is composed of single-phase motor, centrifugal vane wheel and wind direction. Electric heater is installed in chamber directly. The fan motor keep air circulation from beginning to end. It not only can pick up speed of rising temperature but also keep air temperature fluctuation in chamber.
  • High-precision temperature controller is adopted. The temperature controller is equipped with a digital display for the setting value and actual value of temperature.
  • In case the temperature in the chamber is more than 10℃ higher than the preset temperature, the temperature controller will alarm. At the same time, the power supply of heater will be cut off.
  • The air in chamber can be adjusted through change air-flap adjustment.
  • The microprocessor intelligent temperature controller is working with self-adjust PID method. It is of higher accuracy and rapid controlling, comparing to normal PID controlling method. The setting value of the temperature and the actual temperature are all digital displayed. The controller is easy to operate with soft-touch pad. Upper limit of the temperature as alarm function was included as standard function.


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