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Laboratory Incubator Model SM9082A | Ricado Sunnies Nigeria Limited
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Laboratory Incubator Model SM9082A


  • The incubator is electricity heated. The housing and the door are made of high quality steel plate and the outer surface of the unit is lacquer coated. The inner door was made of toughened glass. The culture samples in the chamber can be watched clearly without opening the inner glass door. The chamber was made of stainless steel. The stainless steel wire-mesh shelf is easy to move and the height is adjustable. A silicone gasket between the chamber and the inner glass door guarantees a satisfaction sealing. Three plate heaters were installed on the left, right and at the bottom at the outside of the chamber. A fan was installed on the top of the chamber running quietly, which also guarantee the uniformity of the inside atmosphere temperature. Superior glass fiber was filled between the chamber and outer casing for excellent insulation. There is an assistant heating system located at the bottom of the working chamber for special heating application. It can heat the chamber up to max.

The power switch, power indicator and the microprocessor intelligent temperature controller were all installed on the top of the incubator. The microprocessor intelligent temperature controller is working with self-adjust PID method. It is of higher accuracy and rapid controlling, comparing to normal PID controlling method. The set value of the temperature and the actual temperature were all digitally displayed. The controller is easy to operate with soft-touch pad. Upper limit of the temperature as alarm function was included as standard function.


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