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Overview of Structure and Function

SM-Series CO2 Box is an air-case CO2 incubator fabricated according to the air-distributing principle and is composed of case, inner chamber (working chamber), temperature and CO2 density control device and gas cycling device.

It shall be used with CO2 steel cylinder and CO2 relief valve. (CO2 gas shall have a purity of over 99.0% and the relief valve shall be stable. CO2 steel cylinder is a pressure vessel to be provided by the user, while the special CO2 relief valve shall be provided by the Company along with the product).

1) The case is of a desk-top frame construction, with the surface plasticized for bright color and nice appearance.

2) The chamber made of mirror-face stainless steel sheet. The case and chamber is filled with insulating materials to increase the thermal insulation performance.

3) The thermal controller uses the micro computer, with the feature of PID adjustment and such functions as temperature failure alarming, etc. With Pt100 platinum resister used as the sensor, the control accuracy and reliability have both been massively improved.

4) Automatic control of CO2 density: air and CO2 is input into the chamber by proportion and will be constantly replenished after the density value is reached so that the CO2 density in the chamber will be kept stable. Additionally, upon opening and closing the door, the CO2 density in the chamber will be restored within a certain period of time.

5) The gas enters the case through the filter (0.3u) to keep the purity of CO2 gas.

6) In case of any requirement for humidity, it will be resolved by means of natural evaporation. One water pot is placed in the chamber and by changing the evaporation area of the pot, the humidity in the case will change and can reach about 95%RH to the maximum. (The product is not equipped with the function of humidity display and control)

7) Double-door structure is adopted. The case door is of the heating function; with the door temperature at 37℃, the set temperature is slightly higher than the case temperature to ensure the observation of products through the inner glass door. Addition, one door control switch is installed at the left upper corner of the case behind the glass door. With the glass door opened, the fan in the heating and gas cycling device will be automatically off so as to prevent the temperature and CO2 density from being out of control.

8) Magnetic gasket issued for the case door and silicon rubber sealing strips are used for the inner glass door and the case to ensure the sealability of the product.

9) For the convenience of the user, one CO2 sampling and monitoring port is set on the right of the CO2 case (see Figure 1), which can be used to monitor the CO2 density in operation. When the relative humidity exceeds 70%, between CO2 sampling and monitoring port and the analyzer, it shall be necessary to insert the “dehumidifier” for ensuring the measurement accuracy.

10) The Product is of the function for heat disinfection: microbe and fungal spore on the surface of the chamber can be effectively killed.

11) Power-off alarming function (optional): used to draw the attention of the operator in case of any sudden power-off during experiment.

12) RS485 function (optional): for operation, see the attached CD.

13) Auto gear of fan speed: sample evaporation due to excessive air flow can be avoided during the experiment.


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