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Jaundice Detector JH20-1B Surgifield Medical England

The Main Technical Parameter

◆ Detecting method: compare blue and green lights.

◆ Display: three figures are shown on the screen.

◆ Reading-out error: 00~15 ±1, 16~25 ± 1.5.

◆ Light source: xenon lamp.

◆ Power supply: 4.8V nickel-hydrogen rechargeable battery.

Measurement can be performed approximately 500 times with fully charged battery.

◆ Preparation time: less than 5 seconds.

◆ Weight: 245 gram or so (including rechargeable battery).

◆ Volume (mm): 163×66×37.

◆ Check-up plate: The white display (“00”):00.0 or00.1. The yellow display (“20”): 20.0 ± 1.

Applied environment.

◆ Temperature: 5~40 °C

◆ Humidity: ≤90%

◆ Atmospheric Pressure (Kpa): 86.0~106.0



The transcutaneous jaundice detector JH20-1B is an instrument which is developed with advanced electric and optical technology, applying fiber, optical, electrical and information processing techniques. It is mainly used in the dynamically clinical examination of neonatal jaundice. If the detector is put on the neonatal forehead, the transcutaneous concentration of bilirubin correlative with serum bilirubin concentration is determined instantly and accurately. This instrument is small and light, safe and efficient, and easy to handle. It is a portable device that doctors can easily carry when they make their rounds of the wards.

Measuring Principle

The skin turns yellow when the serum bilirubin accumulates in the skin tissue. The transcutaneous jaundice detector determines the yellowness of the subcutaneous tissue of a newborn infant by measuring the difference in optical densities for light in the blue


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