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Incubator Model: SM-86V340 | Ricado Sunnies Nigeria Limited
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Incubator Model: SM-86V340




Name Incubator
Model SM-86V340
External Dimension Width 855X Depth 1006X Height 1917. 5(mm)
Internal Dimension  Width 490X Depth 1140X Height 607(mm)
Effective Volume 340L
Exterior Painted Steel Panel
Interior Stainless steel
Outer Door Painted Steel Panel
Inner Door Stainless steel, 2 doors
Shelf 3 stainless steel shelves (adjustable)

Dimension: Width 441X Depth 540(mm)

Load: 40kg/shelf

cable Port 25mm Diameter, 2 holes (bottom, back)
Insulation Rigid polyurethane foamed
Compressor Compressor : Hermetic type, output power 600W
Evaporator Tube  type
Condenser Tube-Fin type
Refrigerant I: R-404A, II: R-508b
Controller Microcomputer control system
Temperature display Digital display
Temperature Sensor Platinum resistance (Pt 100)
Alarm high-temperature alarm, low-temperature alarm, power failure alarm, door-open alarm, filter cleaning alarm, battery alarm, ambient temperature alarm, condenser alarm, fan alarm
Remote Alarm Terminal Max capacity: DC220V, 10A
Battery Lead-acid cell, DC12V, 7000mAh, automatic charging
Accessories Defrosting scoop
Net Weight 190kg
Optional Parts Storage Box Rack   Inner door  Temperature recorder


Design specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

The battery for power failure alarm is consumable; it is suggested to replace it every 3 years for once. To replace the battery, please contact the representative of SURGIFIELD, agent or after-sale service.


Model SM-86V340
Cooling Performance cabinet center-86℃(Ambient temperature 35℃, no-load)
Temperature Control Range -60℃~-86℃(Ambient temperature 35℃, no-load)
Rated Voltage AC220V,60Hz
Rated power Consumption 1200W
Noise level 50dB[A](background noise, 20dB)


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