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Electrophoresis machine is an absolutely necessary apparatus for checking and analyzing in medical, scientific research and other test field. They can be used for filter paper, cellulose acetate electrophoresis.


◎ The apparatus must be grounded and connected correctly according anode and cathode before the power on.

◎ Do not touch the electrodes and matter in the electrophoresis tank in order to prevent from shocking during the power on. ! Warning! The output end must not be shorted so as not to damage parts. When output short circuit happens or output current exceeds 100mA,the100mA fuse installed on circuit board inside machine will cut out and both voltmeter and ammeter show zero. When change fuse, please check if short circuit happens at output end. The machine can be started only when all faults have been cleared.

◎ Choose voltage value according your requirement.

◎ Turn on the power, and the indicator light. turn the adjustable voltage knob to obtain the appropriated output voltage value for electrophoresis.

◎ Keep the apparatus in a cool and dry place. The warranty period of this product is one year.


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