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Anesthetic trolley SM-AT850 Surgifield Medical England

Specification: 850x520x960mm


  1. above: 304 stainless steel guardrail mesa with concave design is to prevent goods slipping; table placed soft glass, can protect the table abrade, easy to scrub.
  2. left: Hidden telescopic Deputy work table, can be used to write, when not needed, you can push in to save space, file box, it is also called a file box, the left is used to do the work area, after writing the word, you can put information into a file box.
  3. right: the sharp gas box, double garbage bucket, our right is the polluted area, the waste needle is put into the sharp gas box for one time use, the two dirt bucket is convenient to classify the garbage, we use a plastic bag in the use, more convenient to use.
  4. front: the car body total of five drawers, one or two drawer, put into the first aid medicine, three drawer, put into check the patient registration book, the electric torch, the electromagnetic, stainless steel trumpet treatment square and so on; the four drawer, put into the syringe, the size indwelling needle, the rubber cloth, the cotton ball, the infusion paste, the first aid bag and so on; the fifth drawer drawers put in, call and shout. Aspirator, control liquid 500 ml and so on. Each drawer is marked with 12 grids, which can be combined freely.
  5. behind the body: an anesthetic box, a row of five boxes, can be placed disposable gauze, blood needles, etc. Bottom of
  6. silent caster pushes no sound (two of them have brakes, which are used to immobilize cars and allow them to walk automatically).


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